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esert Recruiting Services Inc. was established in 2014 in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Leveraging our recruitment staff and consultants’ decades of experience on both sides of the job table, we actively acquire, assess and place exceptional candidates from around the globe. We utilize industry-leading systems and technologies to ensure we achieve the best candidate ‘fit’ within each organization.

Desert Recruiting Services was founded by Egon Kullik, who personally has more than a three decades of international business experience in recruitment, outsourcing, human resources, people management and communications with major organizations, including Lufthansa, Comcast, AT&T, United Parcel Service and eBay. Egon has lived as an Expat in Europe and South-East Asia and has travelled extensively around the globe.

We strive to provide a great experience for you both as a candidate or client.  Let’s work together to find wonderful opportunities!”

Egon Kullik


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